Vegetarian Times

Vegetarian Times bills itself as a healthy food and lifestyle magazine and boasts “the world’s largest collection of vegetarian recipes.” I’d never read it, in part because just as my Mom didn’t use vegetarian cook books, she didn’t read vegetarian magazines. The food mag around the house when I was growing up was Gourmet. But on a recent trip through the check-out aisle at Whole Foods,  curiosity got the best of me and I bought the March issue of Vegetarian Times.

I flipped through the issue a couple of times over the weekend and found it disappointing. A few recipes seemed worth trying: a curried chickpea and greens soup, for instance. But with two possible exceptions — Black Bean and Edamame Sliders  and a Cuban Black Bean and Potato Soup — none of the recipes could work as the anchor dish of a vegetarian meal for The Professor. As tasty side dishes or first courses, sure. But none of the recipes seemed to have the heft that a main course requires. They all seemed too, well, vegetarian. A medley of grilled vegetables served over wheat berries? I can see The Professor’s eye brow raising as I type!

As a former magazine editor, I know that each issue is different from the last, so I’ll browse the Vegetarian Times Web site before writing it off entirely.


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