The New York Times on the Meatless Burger

The New York Times has a nice piece today about meatless burgers and how far they’ve come from the days of bland and freezer-burned veggie-burgers. In short, even high-end restaurants are starting to offer meat-free burger alternatives. Here’s the paragraph that tells the story in a nutshell:

“Across the country, chefs and restaurateurs have been taking on the erstwhile health-food punch line with a kind of experimental brio, using it as a noble excuse to fool around with flavor and texture and hue. As a result, veggie burgers haven’t merely become good. They have exploded into countless variations of good, and in doing so they’ve begun to look like a bellwether for the American appetite. If the growing passion for plant-based diets is here to stay, chefs — even in restaurants where you won’t find the slightest trace of spirulina — are paying attention.”

The article includes an interesting statistic from the market research firm Mintel: “the number of menu items labeled vegetarian or vegan increased by 26 percent between the end of 2008 and the end of 2010.” And it’s about time. Raise your hand if you don’t like the vegetarian option to be a plate filled with side dishes!

I thought so.

In any case, I’ve been meaning to try some kind of bean burger and the article gave me some oomph. It’s on the menu for next week, whether The Professor likes the idea or not!


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