The Very Best Recipes for Health

I just bought Martha Rose Shulman’s book, The Very Best Recipes for Health. I’m an avid reader of her column for The New York Times, “Recipes for Health.”  In fact, it’s where I found the recipe for beet risotto that launched this blog, so I consider her a sort of Patron Saint of The Roasted Beet.

The Very Best of Recipes for Health, by Martha Rose Shulman

I’ve already gone a bit Post-It-crazy, marking recipes that I want to try — White Beans with Pesto, Garlic Soup with Spinach and Pasta Shells, and a Spicy Tunisian Carrot Frittata, among others. The book includes a whole chapter on vegetarian main courses!

A mortar and pestle is the perfect tool for pureeing garlic

I’ll write about the recipes  as I test them, but in the meantime, I wanted to share a helpful tip (one of  many that Shulman sprinkles throughout the book) on using a mortar and pestle to puree garlic.

“Don’t pound the garlic with and up-and-down wrist motion. That’s too rough, and the garlic will become too pungent as you pound out the volatile oils. After gently mashing the garlic with your pestle to break it down, the motion should be more of a grinding action, circular around the inside of the bowl.”

I love my mortar and pestle and often use it to crush garlic. Now I know the right way to do it!


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