Southern Sojourn

I almost laughed out loud when, minutes after we arrived at my Grandmother-in-law’s house in Jacksonville, my husband’s Uncle Peter announced he was going out to pick up some wings!


Grilled Salmon Sandwich with a Fried Green Tomato

That said, the trip reminded me that Southern cooking is about more than just meat. The hotel menu, for instance, offered fried green tomatoes along with more common burger toppings. And everything is served with that warm Southern charm, from the bartender who mixed me a bitters and soda when I started feeling sick one evening to the grandmother making omelets-to-order in the hotel restaurant every morning, who kindly lent us a stroller.

Now we’re home, our taxes (which, for some reason, fall to The Cook rather than The Professor) are done, and I am back to blogging. I have many posts to catch up on, from shrimp tacos to stuffed poblano peppers to an utterly experimental “Thai risotto.” So more soon.


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