The Cook’s Birthday, Myers + Chang, and Genki Ya

It’s been a slow two weeks at The Roasted Beet for various reasons: a house guest, a friend in the hospital, a stomach bug, a bad back and The Cook’s birthday!

“Birthday girls don’t cook,” I told The Professor. “So we are going out to Myers + Chang for Chinese or ordering sushi from Genki Ya.”

I adore Myers + Chang. No doubt there are restaurants in Boston’s Chinatown that serve more traditional Chinese food. But I dream about M&C’s dumplings, plump with shiitake mushrooms and Chinese greens, not to mention the red-miso-glazed carrots. Mmmmm … I must sign up for the next M&C cooking class.

That said, faced with the prospect of finding a parking space in the South End, lugging the baby+car seat=20 pounds many blocks, and then trying to keep Ella from running wild, we ordered in from Genki Ya, my favorite Japanese delivery joint.

And. Yum. Yum.

I could write a long post about why people wanting to eat less meat should eat more Japanese food, but here’s the short version: Japanese cuisine isn’t meat-centric, doesn’t treat vegetables and grains as an after-thought, and is full of interesting flavors.


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