Amanda Hesser’s Cardinal Rules for Making Aioli

Rain. Rain. More rain. If it were April, I’d be OK with it. April showers bring May flowers and all of that. But we’re in the last half of May and it seems as though spring is never going to end!

Okay, maybe I want it to last a little bit longer. Long enough for me to make this wild ramp pesto.

Still, I’m looking forward to less rain and more grilling. And so I was thrilled to see Amanda Hesser’s post about making aioli — a “sauce that can help you sail through summer,” she writes.

The Professor loves aioli. But when he makes it … well, there’s no good way to say it, so: he cheats! He starts with mayonnaise rather than eggs. And truth be told, the result isn’t bad. But Amanda Hesser makes it sound so easy to make fresh aioli, that I’m going to have to try it. You’ll find her recipe(s) here. In the meantime, here are her Cardinal Rules:

  • Let your egg come to room temperature.
  • Find a friend/spouse/child to pour in the oil as you whisk.
  • Don’t wimp out on the whisking: count it as exercise!
  • If your aioli breaks, stop what you’re doing. Start a new aioli and whisk the broken aioli into it.
  • I mix canola and olive oil because I find all-olive-oil aioli overpowering.
  • Always taste aioli at the end and adjust the acid and salt.
  • If your aioli is too thick, add a little water to thin it. If it’s too thin, you’re stuck with it but it will still taste great!

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