Ciao Food Pyramid!

It’s so fun to be right. The Obama administration has decided to nix the food pyramid, and it’s about time.

The diagram, which you were probably shown in elementary school, was intended to teach children about the different food groups and what constitutes a healthy diet — or, at least, healthy according to the US Department of Agriculture.

The new graphic will resemble a plate, divided into wedges representing the different food groups. The size of each wedge reflects how much of that food group you and I should be eating every day. And nearly half of the plate is taken up with fruits and vegetables.

Now, you might think The Cook is writing about the redesign because it encourages the eating of more vegetables. And yes, I do think The Professor should eat more greens.

But the truth is, The Cook is also a design junkie. And several years ago, when the USDA replaced the old food pyramid with a new one, she wrote a piece about it for Slate. “If the USDA’s recommended diet helps people live long and prosper, it won’t be thanks to the design of the agency’s new food pyramid,” The Cook-then-writer wrote.

Then she rounded up some talented designers to re-imagine the pyramid. The team from Stone Yamashita seized on the plate metaphor that the Obama Administration seems to be running with.

I can’t critique the Obama plate until I’ve seen it — it will be released this Thursday. But I’m sure it will be an improvement.


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