Slow Fast Food at the Clover Food Lab

The Slow Food movement may be trendy and growing, but yesterday I had 30 minutes between meetings in Harvard Square and I needed to find some lunch in a hurry. So I headed to Clover Food Lab — a lunch-counter with ample seating that bills itself as “a new kind of fast food.” Clover aims for speed, and the menu lists the number of minutes each item takes to prepare. But unlike McDonald’s or Wendy’s, Clover’s food is local, seasonal, made-to-order, and organic when possible. It is, if you will, a Slow Food version of fast food.

It is also, I might add, a vegetarian restaurant — one that often has a line stretching out the door. (And honestly, how often can you say that?)

My favorite Clover sandwich is the Chickpea Fritter, a parsley and cilantro-laced falafel, served in a pita with cucumber and tomato salad and pickled cabbage. Though I admit that I’m curious about the Barbecued Seitan. Given how often Clover sells out of food (see photo below of the menu, snapped on a day when only soup and rosemary fries were still available), I feel confident in saying that Clover’s offerings are consistently delicious. Though I realize you don’t read The Roasted Beet to hear The Cook’s opinion. So one of these days I’ll take The Professor on a date to Clover!


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